About Me

About Jamie

Hello and welcome! I’m Jamie, originally from the heart of King of Prussia, PA, but now I call the scenic Birdsboro, PA my home.

A Glimpse into My Past

about me

Growing up in the ’80s, I was blessed with what you’d call a classic childhood. With summers spent swimming and countless hours playing outdoors, I fondly reminisce about those carefree days. My family remained a tight-knit unit until the passing of my father.

Instead of the traditional college route, I chose to serve in the Marine Corps. Admittedly, traditional school was never my cup of tea. The discipline, structure, and camaraderie of the Marines shaped a significant part of who I am today.

My Professional Journey

about me

Post-service, I dabbled in various roles — from commercial audio/video/computer electrical setups to tech support for dry cleaning software. However, a major chapter of my professional life was dedicated to the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office. For 19 enriching years, I served as a Deputy, handling responsibilities like serving warrants, legal papers, and enforcing evictions, among others. It was a period of my life that imbued me with invaluable experiences and memories. These days, you’ll find me inspecting stucco for a local firm, a new chapter I’ve embarked upon post-retirement.

Personal Passions

about me

When I’m not working or blogging, my loyal canine companion takes center stage in my life. I’m also quite the food enthusiast — there’s nothing quite like exploring local eateries or hopping onto my motorcycle for a diner breakfast journey across the region. And for those moments of thrill, a visit to the local casino for a game of blackjack or roulette does the trick!

My website is my way of giving back — a platform where I collate and share information on myriad topics, hoping to enrich the lives of my readers. And if you ever spot a funny movie quote, especially from the likes of “Step Brothers,” know that’s just me adding a touch of humor!

Connect with Me

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