Eating What Matters – My Life Change – Day 2

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Eating what matters.

If you need a recap. Day 1.

1840: The day is coming to an end. Worked a solid 2 hours of an 8 hour shift. 😉 To be frank, work REALLY messes up my life. I’ll need to work on that later. First let’s finish getting healthy.

So there I was, overweight and unhappy about my body for a better part of my life….

Yes, it’s only been 7 months since I started but it has completely changed how I feel about myself and the way I look.

The Training and Nutrition Plan I Needed

Around the end of November I was still really into “exercising”. I picked up a used treadmill from a friend for $50 and ran just about every day. When it was warmer out I would sometimes head down to the river trail and run it. Did some mountain biking when I could which helped break the monotony of running.

It was working. I was down almost 30 pounds before Thanksgiving.

Then I started watching YouTube videos on fitness routines and healthy eating. I found myself watching a lot of Jeremy Ethier’s videos. He bases all his training around science and facts. What works and has proven to work multiple times over in a controlled environment. Studies by Doctors and Scientists and people much, much smarter than me.

His programs and routines are for sale on his site,, but he doesn’t push that much at all in his videos which is cool.

Just my luck, they were having a sale, $49.99..

Fuck it, why not? YOLO!

Probably the best money I’ve ever spent, aside from LASIK, which is also amazing. Totally worth every penny in my opinion. I bought the Beginner Shred Program. The focus is weight loss, while maintaining and building muscle.

I won’t really delve into his program too much, since this isn’t an advertisement and he needs to make money too. Just watch his videos which are free, and decide for yourself.

Eating What Matters

I will say that nutrition, eating what matters, and calorie counting are probably 90% of it. I weigh every single thing I eat. From the 8 grams of cashews to the 8 ounces of chicken. Before it goes in my mouth, it hits the scale and gets recorded.

If you don’t weigh it, you won’t truly know if you’re in a calorie deficit or not. Estimating just won’t cut it. You have to really be dedicated to do this though. I could easily see how frustrating and annoying it would be to some but for me, I’m into it.

The program has taught me a ton about the human body. What it needs to survive and how to provide it properly.

That being said, I eat a lot of lean proteins and macro rich whole, healthy foods now. If I’m only allowed a certain number of calories a day, I need to really make them count. I need to provide my body with the protein it needs to keep my muscles rebuilding, and I need the carbs to give me some energy. Lots of chicken, vegetables, rice, potatoes, fruits, oats, nuts, if it’s processed I probably won’t be eating it. This time last year I would devour half a pizza myself and eat all the gravy cheese fries. Again, eating what matters is key.

My Progress Thus Far

No, I’m not ripped now with bulging biceps and a 6 pack but I am in better shape. As of today, I’ve lost 51 pounds.

Loss of 51 pounds
March 8, 2021, 175.8 pounds.

I’m far from done.

Daily Training

1 hour Upper Body Pull Training


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