How to Sneak Around the House: 3 Tips for Keeping Quiet

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I’m an early riser and my wife is a very light sleeper. This combination makes it a bit tricky in the mornings when I’m up well before her. Here’s how to sneak around the house and keep quiet.

How to Sneak Around the House

How To Sneak Around the House

Whether you’re trying not to wake a sleeping toddler or make your spouse grumpy, your reason for sneaking around the house is usually not your choice alone. In my case, my wife gets to bed later than I do and is a light sleeper, resulting in her sleeping in much later than me. I think she may have a sleeping disorder. LOL

You may need to keep quiet for a similar reason, or maybe you’re downstairs neighbors like to complain. If someone will be able to hear you, make these changes.

Using these tips can also be helpful for hide-and-seek games with the kids. Being undetectable to people within your house is something that can be very useful.

Here are 3 Quick Tips for quieting the morning beast you sound like.

Take Off Your Shoes and Socks in Here

I wear my slippers all day when I’m in the house and normally this isn’t a problem. On quiet mornings though, they sound like a freight train barreling through the kitchen. If you have slippers that are soft-bottomed, you can ignore this one. But if you wear ones like mine, you’ll have a hard rubber sole that echoes throughout the house.

So to make your steps quieter and keep your noise level low, remove your shoes and slippers.

So to make your steps quieter and keep your noise level low, remove your shoes and slippers. Wearing only socks can have you moving across the tile floor quieter than a mouse.

Use Night Lights

If anything, lighting up the house when you wake up is a very bad idea. Besides being blinded immediately, the chances of someone waking up or seeing you are drastically increased. Using a small outlet or battery-powered night lights is a great alternative.

We have multiple battery-powered night lights that are set off with motion throughout the house. One is kept in the bathroom and another in the hallway. This is great for early risers as well as those late-night trips to the bathroom. There have been countless times they’ve saved me from walking into the door or going to the bathroom in the wrong place.

Prepare Meals or Coffee the Night Before

Banging around the coffee machine at 4am is a sure fire way to enrage your sleeping spouse. If possible, prepare your coffee machine the evening before. This way it doesn’t matter how loud you are, or if you drop something, everyone is still awake. In the morning it’s as simple as pushing the “On” button.

This works for some breakfast meals as well. Overnight oats are a quick and healthy breakfast that only takes a few minutes the night before. Open the lid in the morning, give them a stir, and you’re on your way! No more firing up the stove to cook yourself some eggs and bacon if you want to stay quiet.

These are just some quick tips for how to sneak around the house whether it’s night or day.


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