Meal Prepping For Picky Eaters: A Simple Definition

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In general, planning and cooking healthy and filling meals for your family can be tough. And, this task can be even more challenging if you have picky eaters in your home. The term picky eater is usually aimed at fussy children, but adults are just as capable of being picky eaters. If you do the meal prepping, you know how hard it can be meal prepping for picky eaters!

And, if you have a partner or child who doesn’t seem to enjoy anything you cook, this can be a real drain on your energy and time. So, what can you do to satisfy picky eaters, and how can you create meals that are delicious and healthy?

Meal Prepping for Picky Eaters

In this post, I will go over some easy meal prepping ideas for picky eaters. You will learn how to successfully meal prep for picky eaters in your home. In addition, all of the meal ideas I have prepared are nutritious and ensure that your family will get their daily nutritional needs met!

Meal Prepping Ideas For Picky Eaters:

Prep Veggies and New Foods In A Unique Way

You might enjoy eating steamed vegetables as they are. But, if your picky eater does not usually enjoy vegetables or other new foods, I suggest prepping these foods in a fun and unique way. This is a much easier way to introduce vegetables and other dishes to family members.

For instance, if you are making a meal with cauliflower or sweet potato, don’t just cook the vegetables and plate them. Try something new out for your picky eater. Maybe crush your cauliflower or sweet potato into a mash potato form, and add a little butter.

Or if they insist that they hate a certain type of food, even though they have never tried it, sneak the ingredient into your recipe. An example of this would be to put green veggies in a smoothie. You can even add avocados to certain desserts to improve creaminess and nutritional value. Afterward, you can tell your picky eater what you put in your meal or snack.

Prep Healthy Meals And Snacks In Smaller Portions First

In general, you don’t want to overload your picky eater with a ton of new food all at once. As this could make them feel overwhelmed and disgusted. Even with adults, you want to stick with manageable portions when you first start meal prepping.

Providing a small amount of each food item will make it easier for picky eaters to warm up to certain foods. They won’t feel as pressured to eat a large amount of food they have never tried before. And, over time, you can increase the portion sizes of certain healthy foods you prepare.

In particular, I recommend doing this type of meal prepping with cut-up vegetables, fruits, and nuts. You can slowly introduce more healthy foods with kids and adults in these smaller portions as a snack. And then put them into your larger meals.

You can try to cut up strawberries, apple slices, or carrots with a side of ranch. Also, a nice mix of cashews and peanuts with a few M&Ms might get your picky eater hooked on a more nutritious snack.

Really, though, you just want to get your picky eater acquainted with the food first. I suggest looking at their reaction as they eat the food. Then slowly increase the portion size as they get more comfortable.

Add Healthy Ingredients to Classic Meals

Picky eaters tend to like simple meals. This isn’t true of every picky eater, but staple foods like mac and cheese, pizza, pasta, and meat and potatoes are popular with picky eaters. So, I suggest putting a healthy twist on these meals. You can add vegetables to your dishes, or even use whole wheat ingredients to make these classic meals.

For example, when you prep macaroni and cheese don’t just cook pasta and cheese. Try making some broccoli on the side. Some picky eaters won’t be fond of broccoli. So, I suggest frying your broccoli in olive oil. Or, you can crisp it up in your oven and put some butter on it. This makes it much easier for picky eaters to eat their greens.

Place the broccoli on a plate, then start to prepare your macaroni and cheese. For this dish, use whole wheat pasta, or other types of pasta with less processed ingredients. You can still use cheese in your dish, though.

Once everything is ready, give the food to your picky eater. Having a mix of something they love, like macaroni, along with some prepared vegetables will make it easier to satisfy them!

Try Having A Weekly Taco Night

Picky eaters won’t normally eat foods they are unfamiliar with. But, if you want to introduce them to vegetables or more multicultural foods in a simple way, I suggest having a taco night! Tacos are easy to make and super tasty. You can even use low-fat beef for your meal and cut up plenty of fresh vegetables.

With this option, picky eaters can choose their own toppings. They might even want to stick with plain tacos at first. But, let your picky eater eat plain tacos if they want. You don’t want to force them to eat foods they don’t like.

Just offer them a side of beans for vegetables. You should also encourage them to try out other toppings you have prepared. Lettuce, tomatoes, and other veggies taste great on tacos! A side of Mexican rice can also be made, as well.

Try Chicken Tenders With A Side of Quinoa

This final meal prepping option is simple but healthy. Kids, and even adults, like chicken tenders. But, you can put your own healthy touch on this meal! Chicken tenders can be made from scratch. Just bread some low fat chicken in your kitchen. I also suggest crisping up some green beans with butter for extra nutritional value.

And, instead of having rice with your chicken, add in a side of quinoa. Quinoa is tasty and extremely healthy alternative to rice. Fry some of this up with olive oil and add in light seasoning. This will be the perfect meal for your picky eater!

If you’re constantly rushed in the mornings like me, check out our recipe for overnight oatmeal. It’s a quick, delicious, and most importantly, healthy breakfast!


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