My Life Change – The Beginning of My Fitness Journey – Day 1

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My life change begins today. Well, the evening of today. Should of started this morning. I’ve never had a journal, diary or any other sort of daily tracking. I want to start now.

I want to start holding myself accountable. Make new habits that help me be the person I want to be. Healthy, strong and somewhat intelligent.

I’d like to think I’m not a complete idiot so I got that going for me. So this is where my journey for a healthy and fit lifestyle begins.

The Reckoning

To be honest, I actually started my life change back in August 2020. I got so tired of seeing all the flab around my stomach and waist. I had man boobs. They bounced when I ran. It was embarrassing and disgusting to look at.

For me anyway.

My wife tells me she never cared about my looks or weight, or flab. But I KNOW it’s not every woman’s fantasy do have a fat slob on top of them. I’m not delusional. But nevertheless, she says she didn’t care and I believe her. Maybe.

Unfortunately, or fortunately for you, I never took a “before” picture in August so I have nothing to show for when I started. The best I can do is to show you the scale measurements for the day I bought the Renpho Scale.

My Life Change - Renpho Scale Reading

227 pounds exact, on 8/18/20. I’m 6’1″ and by medical standards I was considered overweight. Very obvious if you saw me without a shirt on.

That’s It, I’m Done!

I had seriously had enough of it. My shirts were extra baggy and my pants sagged to hide the fat. Somehow though, my love handles just seemed to push my already baggy shirts to the brink. I wanted to be different. I wanted to be healthy and not fat.

I’ve done this before. Look in the mirror and decide I want to change. Then 20 minutes later I’m scarfing down half a box of Oreo’s giving my weight loss dream a back seat. What would be different this time? Why wouldn’t I just forget about it and enjoy the extra helping of ice cream tomorrow? I doubt I can do it.

That’s what I told myself. And honestly I sometimes still think that. When my wife brings home some chocolate, or it’s a birthday and there’s cake. I occasionally get the feeling that I’m going to fall off the wagon again.

I Won’t

Why? Because I’m determined to see my goals complete. I want that six pack now. My biceps NEEDED to be bigger. I want to be stronger than I’ve ever been before. That’s why.

My life change now is not for vanity reasons alone like I originally intended. Now it’s for my health. Over the last 7 months of eating healthy and exercising almost daily my body doesn’t hurt anymore. Granted after a long, hard leg routine I’m walking like a 90 year old, but overall my health is significantly better.

I used to get headaches at least 2-3 times a month. Bad ones too. Right behind my eye and it would just throb. I’d typically call out of work and go back to sleep for hours until it went away. Knock on wood, I haven’t had a headache in months.

My stomach was a mess. Between acid-reflux and bubble guts most days, I found a new friend in Rolaids. My skin wasn’t great. I’m pretty sure my testosterone levels were plummeting towards feminine.

This time was going to be different.

That’s it for today.

Daily Training

20 minutes on Recumbent Bike
30 minutes on Treadmill
1 hour Strength Training

1996 calories – 167g Protein – 194g Carbs – 56g Fat

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