The Old Dog is Moving Now.

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So with every plan to get healthier, food choices are essential but moving your body is just as important. That’s why this old dog is moving now!

This old dog is running

After doing a lot of research on exercising I’ve found that there are some but not many options for people over 70.  A lot of the exercises are geared to younger, more flexible adults which is not easy for sure. 

Silver Sneakers

A really great site for exercise “classes” is Silver Sneakers.  These classes over beginner levels and of course intermediate and advanced.  Be careful if you choose any of the intermediate or advanced level classes if you’re just starting out.  Although these sessions are for seniors, seniors in their eyes are people over 50.  Nice to know that we aren’t the only ones that need to exercise. 

Other than a good pair of sneakers for stability and balance, no other exercise equipment is needed.  There is such a variety offered, even exercises that help deal with stress and dealing with all that we seniors may be dealing with.  Most of their classes can also be done while sitting down which is a great option for those seniors with mobility issues.


Although I have never tried the yoga classes, I have done Zumba and can keep up to some extent.  I certainly wouldn’t start with Zumba if you’ve never done it before because the classes are intense, well it is and was for me, but if you’ve done it before, go for it.  The instructors, I’ve seen two different ones, are easy to follow albeit they can move pretty fast at times. Makes me sweat just thinking of my first class.  All of these classes are on zoom but even if you’re not computer savvy, it’s very easy to access and well worth the effort.


Now for yoga! 🧘🏼  Although I’ve never been a “yoga” kind of gal, I do occasionally partake in a relaxing yoga session. The one that I do most often is on Facebook, check out The Happy Coffee Mom.  You do have to subscribe to see their content, but it truly is worth your time.  The yoga sessions are never more than 30 minutes in length and often so very relaxing making me not want to get up off of my yoga mat.  There’s normally a new session every Sunday that you can watch all week if you choose.  For non-yoga me, it’s perfect.

This old dog is moving with Yoga

Just Get Out!

If following an exercise class is not your thing, that’s ok.  With the beautiful spring weather approaching, go for a walk.  Lace-up those sneakers and head out the door.  Walking has been, and always will be, my go-to exercise.  I love seeing the step count on my Fitbit going up.  This is a motivator for me to do more.  When you start getting more confident about your ability to walk further and long, why not sign up for a charity walk. 

A 13 Mile Motivator

Talk about motivation!  Before Covid, I used to try and do a few charity walks during the spring and summer months, now with social distancing a thing, I can either do a virtual charity walk or just walk on my own, challenging myself to walk that 5K (3.107 miles),  10K (6.214 miles) or even a half marathon (13.1 miles). Having done two half marathons in my late 40’s, I’d love to bring my energy level back up to where it was during those times.  Can you imagine this 71-year-old woman doing a half marathon?  I can!  I will

Whatever you choose as your exercise, just remember to keep moving.  Just sitting around will make you feel a lot older than you need to feel. 

If this old dog is moving, so can you! Just have faith in yourself and you’ll succeed!

Remember…every day is a new day, smile and enjoy life!


This old dog is moving is about getting your body moving at age 70. This is one of many written by my 71-year-old mother who began transforming her health. Her journey is real and the struggles are hard, but she pushes forward every day. Here’s the first in the series! Please enjoy.

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