Planning Ahead – The Tricks Continue

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Okay, so maybe not tricks, but common sense anyway. Meal planning, oh my!  Planning ahead for a week seems daunting and something that you’re not sure you’re up to doing.   Believe me, when I say, it’s not only worth it but you’ll be so glad you did.  Besides, who really wants to run to the market every day, not me for sure.

Healthy Behaviors List

Planning Ahead for Breakfast

Planning ahead is time-consuming at first but certainly gets easier as you go forward.  Start with maybe just planning breakfasts for the week.  Make sure you have enough eggs, cereal, oatmeal, whatever your breakfast will consist of, but don’t forget the fruit. Adding fruits to your breakfasts will help satisfy your hunger and keep you from snacking before lunchtime.

Planning ahead for Breakfast

Avoid those high sugar content cereals and especially those sweet pastries and croissants.  Although plain croissants aren’t necessarily high in sugar content, they are higher in fat content so they’re something you may want to avoid while getting started on your journey.  No one is saying that you can never have them again, but remember everything in moderation.

Lunch Prep and Some Fruit

Lunchtime rolls around next for your meal planning.  I find this one a bit more challenging because I never know what I’m hungry for when lunchtime comes around. My old standby is a green salad with tomato, sometimes chicken, and a low-fat salad dressing. Lately, that seemed boring to me and I wanted something different but still wanted to stay within my calorie budget and eat healthily. 

Planning ahead with fresh fruits

So, in walked the fresh fruits.  They jumped into my salad bowl with little effort.”

They jumped into my salad bowl with little effort. Whoever thought that would be a good thing was onto something. I’ve started adding strawberries and blueberries to my green salads and it’s not only tasty but refreshing as well.  The thing here is that if you don’t try new things like this combination you’ll never know if you will like them. Granted I’m not one for trying everything that seems unappealing to me, but let’s live a little and give in once in a while.

Mmmm… Planning Ahead for the Almighty Dinner

Now here comes dinner.  As much as I love my husband of 50 years, he does have a very small palate, and choosing foods he will eat is not always easy.  Even though it may be a bit of an inconvenience, if you’re experiencing the same type of situation there is still hope for your new you. 

I’ve learned that I can adjust my recipes to include lower-calorie, less fat options without compromising taste.  Don’t worry if you have difficulty with this at first, again it’s hard to teach an old dog new tricks.

Check out some great recipes from the links below to help with your meal planning.

Beyond Meat Chili Recipe

These are only a few examples of healthy meal choices. Don’t forget you can experiment with your current recipes to make them more health-conscious, even for your family.  They’ll probably never notice you’re making them healthier too. 

Snacks and Treats

When you’re making up your shopping list, be sure to include fresh fruits and veggies, both of which make great “snack” options.  We all know that snacking is a way of life so let’s make the snacks healthier.

You can do this, just have faith in yourself and you’ll succeed!

Remember…every day is a new day, smile and enjoy life!


This article about the importance of planning ahead is one of many written by my 71-year-old mother who began transforming her health. Her journey is real and the struggles are hard, but she pushes forward every day. Here’s the first in the series! Please enjoy.

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